PlaySMS latest + smstools 3 + 7600G-H DB error on sms receive


I’m testing out PlaySMS + smstools on a Raspberry Pi 4 with a Simcom 7600G-H dongle. I’m able to send SMS fine and smsd receives the SMS accordingly, however I get an error when PlaySMS attempts to retrieve the SMS and throws a DB error:

- - 2024-03-06 19:54:32 PID65e8c9f7d7a1b - L3 smstools_hook_recvsms_fetch # sender:+15xxxxxxx0 receiver: dt:2024-03-06 12:53:47 msg:[@admin test] smsc:[GSM1]                                 │
- - 2024-03-06 19:54:32 PID65e8c9f7d7a1b - L2 _dba_execute # Exception: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1048 Column 'sms_receiver' cannot be null ip:

smsd has an init line for device GSM1 : init = AT+CPMS=“ME”,“ME”,“ME”;+CNMI=2,0,0,2,1

What other information can I provide to resolve this issue?

Many thanks!