Playsms 1.3.1 : fail to save in db table smslog_id

Dear all,

Once PlaySMS installed and correctly running on server, once i configured Gateway (Twillio or Nexmo) when i try to send SMS, SMS is not sent and i ve an error in /var/log/playsms/playsms.log :
fail to save in db table smslog_id:4 db_query:[INSERT INTO playsms_tblSMSOutgoing (smslog_id,uid,parent_uid,p_gpid,p_gateway,p_smsc,p_src,p_dst,p_footer,p_msg,p_datetime,p_status,p_sms_type,unicode,queue_code)

Any fix ?


It seems request is not valid cause parent_uid is not a field in current table playsms_tblSMSOutgoing …
Think the creation db script is not correct

I’ve updated table table playsms_tblSMSOutgoing by inserting fiel parent_uid (int) after timestamp : SMS are sent

thanks, I’ve added to playsms.sql on 1.4-beta2


Dear Anton, Rodparis,

After crossing different level of issues now i am standing with the same above mentioned issue by rodparis .

I am getting below logs with the same error message:

'- - 2019-11-14 01:34:12 PID5dcc61bbcd5ed - L2 sendsms # saving smslog_id:52 u:1 parent_uid:0 g:0 gw:telnyx smsc:telnyx s:+12677400864 d:+13155940200 type:text unicode:0 status:0

    • 2019-11-14 01:34:12 PID5dcc61bbcd5ed - L2 sendsms_process # fail to save in db table smslog_id:52 db_query:[INSERT INTO playsms_tblSMSOutgoing (smslog_id,uid,parent_uid,p_gpid,p_gateway,p_smsc,p_src,p_dst,p_footer,p_msg,p_datetime,p_status,p_sms_type,unicode,queue_code) VALUES (‘52’,‘1’,‘0’,‘0’,‘telnyx’,‘telnyx’,’+12677400864’,’+13155940200’,’ @admin’,‘Test 25’,‘2019-11-13 18:34:12’,‘0’,‘text’,‘0’,‘80e4c633838b67dd0cefd36a8137cb6b’)]
    • 2019-11-14 01:34:12 PID5dcc61bbcd5ed - L2 sendsms_process # end’

I have playsms version:1.4.2, OS: Ubantu, Gateway(Telnyx, Twillio)

Please suggest if i am doing something wrong and need any modification.

Try to run the query against mysql, to see the error message

Manually i tried to run this Query in mysql but since there are some values which is getting generated from script in php file it has not succeeded . It look like issue is due to some php script which causing to execute query properly and in result sms is getting fail.

I have reinstalled playsms with correct plugin settings and it started working. Thanks lot for your helps.

I have realized that the issue was with the SMSE settings which i had configured wrong first time , However i modified later as correct setting but it was just apparently showing changed and in the backend system was still taking the first time configured values in SMSE settings. Even in the logs we will see the new values but in the backend it refers the first time entered values. My be there is cache area which holds the first time entered values as permanent. and modification in values doesn’t effects the cache values(Just my opinions).

It seems there is some issue in saving modified values in SMSE configuration module which need to have analyzed.