Phone Book Error while trying to send from it

I am getting this error message when I try and use the phone book.
Send message cancelled due to empty queue with the queueID

Any body know why this is happening also did a new install but its still doing it.

This is the code thats getting executed in sendsms
// queue is empty, something’s not right with the queue, mark it as done (flag 1)
if (sendsms_queue_update($queue_code, array(
‘flag’ => 1
))) {
_log(‘enforce finish create queue:’ . $queue_code, 2, ‘sendsms’);
} else {
log(‘fail to enforce finish create queue:’ . $queue_code, 2, ‘sendsms’);
return array(
(‘Send message cancelled due to empty queue %s’), $queue_code)

Seems like its not inserting the numbers into playsms_tblSMSOutgoing_queue_dst

No one else having this problem ?

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