Kannel DLR: queued not updated after playsms message sent

hi, kannel and playsms are both working for sending and receiving sms. but the problem is kannel dlr queued status not updated after playsms message sent. also every time i send message from playsms kannel received count also was updated… same count with sent.


Kannel bearerbox version 1.4.3'. Build Nov 24 2011 09:54:00’, compiler `4.6.2’.
System Linux, release 3.19.0-56-generic, version #62~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Fri Mar 11 11:03:15 UTC 2016, machine x86_64.
Hostname PC, IP
Libxml version 2.7.8.
Using OpenSSL 1.0.0e 6 Sep 2011.
Compiled with MySQL 5.5.17, using MySQL 5.5.47.
Using SQLite 3.7.9.
Using native malloc.

Status: running, uptime 0d 1h 46m 13s

WDP: received 0 (0 queued), sent 0 (0 queued)

SMS: received 26 (0 queued), sent 27 (0 queued), store size -1
SMS: inbound (0.01,0.00,0.00) msg/sec, outbound (0.01,0.00,0.00) msg/sec

DLR: 27 queued, using internal storage

Box connections:

smsbox:(none), IP (0 queued), (on-line 0d 1h 46m 12s)  

SMSC connections:

all-network    AT2[all-network] (online 6356s, rcvd 27, sent 27, failed 0, queued 0 msgs)