How to change Sender ID into my company's name?


I would like to know how to set up PlaySMS with Kannel or Gammu to change the “Sender number” of SMS by “Text” ???

To be clear, I would like to set PlaySMS so that when I send text messages, recipients receive “the name of my business” as “SENDER” instead of displaying the number of my company. "

Help me to change (set up) the Sender ID with PlaySMS + Gammu or Kannel.

Thank you in advance.


Using gsm modem is not possible. Using HTTP API or via SMPP is possible but it also depend on the recipient operator.


Thank you for your reply.
But tell me how to set up HTTP API or SMPP on PLAYSMS to change SENDER ID ???

There are many reference here in the forum, for example to use Nexmo, Infobip, etc

But we can not use SMPP for KANNEL to send SMS instead of going through paid services or other ???

Or do you think it is not advisable to use Kannel ??? Or Kannel will not be able to help me change the Sender ID ???

You cannot change sender id when using Kannel with gsm modems, but it is possible when you use Kannel with smpp connected to service providers or operators that provide alphanumeric sender id