How i read the log file of Playsms

Dear Anton,

I hope you are ok!
i would like to know more about how to reading logs so please if you have any documentation to send, i would appreciate it.
now i have this case
L2 jasmin__callback # dlr uid:1 smslog_id:2 message_id:f0dddf88-bf9d-4d90-b08c-5c32817bfd2a status:2

i want to know what does (Status:2) means, and what else of status exist and what it describes.
i think there is 0,1,2,3 am i right?

Looking at the code:

status:2 means Jasmin push delivery callback result to playSMS with message_status having a value that is not regarded as sent/delivered SMS, for sent/delivered SMS message_status value has to be DELIVRD or ESME_ROK, since its not then playSMS decide it was a failed delivery

in playSMS regarding the delivery of SMS:
status 0 is pending
status 1 is sent
status 2 is failed
status 3 is delivered

in your log snippet you have smslog_id and message_id, smslog_id is the SMS ID number in playSMS database, and message_id is the ID on Jasmin, you can lookup the log on Jasmin with message_id see what was actually happened


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