Forward feature SMS to a master playSMS (using playnet)

I have two playSMS (1.3.1) installations. They are connected using playnet gateway. The master in a VPS and the slave is a local server (with a modem and smsservertools). All sandbox messages on the slave are successfully forwarded using a post rule. However, feature SMS (with a keyword) don’t get forwarded. i would like the same post rule to apply to feature SMS. Kindly let me know is this is achievable as a simple configuration.

do you mean the keyword set on master ? yes, those messages will be served by master instead

only sandbox forwarded to playnet


Thanks Anton,
The keywords are set on slave. My idea is to use a modem attached to the slave to receive SMS from local users (using a keyword) and then immediately forward the SMS to the master for processing. Am setting up some kind of data collection system.

sorry, I meant on slave. if you set keyword on slave it will be processed locally on slave and stay there.

you can set the keyword on master instead. the slave will have the record on sandbox and master will process the message.


Brilliant. Thanks Anton.