Error sending SMS Kannel


I managed to setup kannel and playsms on Ubuntu 14.04 following the guide. I added a smsc and gateway from settings and tried to send a sms. The report says it failed.

Following was what was there in access log…

2015-07-29 22:46:14 send-SMS request added - sender:playsms:101 target:94xxxxxx request: 'testing 11 @admin'
2015-07-29 22:46:14 DISCARDED SMS [SMSC:none] [SVC:playsms] [ACT:admin] [BINF:] [FID:] [from:101] [to:94xxxxxx] [flags:-1:0:-1:-1:31] [msg:17:testing 11 @admin] [udh:0:]
2015-07-29 22:46:14 Receive DLR [SMSC:none] [SVC:playsms] [ACT:] [BINF:] [FID:] [from:101] [to:94xxxxxx] [flags:-1:-1:-1:-1:16] [msg:12:NACK/no SMSC] [udh:0:]

This is the output of bearerbox

2015-07-29 22:46:14 [7789] [8] WARNING: Cannot find SMSCConn for message to <94xxxxxx>, rejected.
2015-07-29 22:46:14 [7789] [8] DEBUG: SMSC[UNKNOWN]: creating DLR message
2015-07-29 22:46:14 [7789] [8] DEBUG: SMSC[UNKNOWN]: DLR = http://localhost/playsms/index.php?app=call&cat=gateway&plugin=kannel&access=dlr&type=%d&smslog_id=19&uid=1
2015-07-29 22:46:14 [7789] [8] WARNING: Message rejected by bearerbox, no router!
2015-07-29 22:46:14 [7789] [8] ERROR: Could not unlink file `/var/spool/kannel/store/74/f25c9f3b-1779-49df-8c06-bdbcec56e1a1'.
2015-07-29 22:46:14 [7789] [8] ERROR: System error 2: No such file or directory
2015-07-29 22:46:14 [7789] [8] DEBUG: send_msg: sending msg to box: <>
2015-07-29 22:46:14 [7789] [9] DEBUG: send_msg: sending msg to box: <>
2015-07-29 22:46:14 [7789] [9] DEBUG: boxc_sender: sent message to <>
2015-07-29 22:46:14 [7789] [8] DEBUG: boxc_receiver: got ack
2015-07-29 22:46:23 [7789] [8] DEBUG: boxc_receiver: heartbeat with load value 0 received

Is SMSc not getting called with the request. Is there any issue with my configuration.


Have you make sure that /var/spool/kannel/store is exists and writable ?

say by doing this:

mkdir -p /var/spool/kannel/store
chmod 777 -R /var/spool/kannel/store

Hi Anton,

ok I added permission 777. The issue is kannel folder is under root user, but store and some of the contents inside store folder is under kannel user… How to fix this… should it be kannel user who should have access to whole thing


It depend on what user running bearerbox and other kannel program

ps aux | grep box

but setting to 777 (don’t forget the -R) was making the folder writable to all users in your Linux server, so it should be alright


yes but issue is the new folders that are created once I send a sms are of permission 700

that new folder is currently under which user ?

for example new file/folder under 74:

ls -l /var/spool/kannel/store/74/*

it’s under root user

And what user your kannel runs as ?

kannel also runs as root.

Hi Anton,

DEBUG: SMSC[UNKNOWN] also comes due to permission issue or something else. Still struggling to get this working.


Its something else, why not ask in kannel mailing list?

ok, will do that…,

no reply from kannel mailing list so far…

Look’s like you have incorrect settings in the section “group = sms-service” in kannel.conf.
Try to change or use “allowed-smsc-id =”

Share your kannel.conf