Email2sms not running (not triggered)


I am new to PlaySMS. I installed version 1.4.2 on Raspi. I can send and receive SMS via the webinterface.

Next, I tried to setup email2sms. Entered all the IMAP/POP3 data (tried both). The config is saved, the logfile says: 2018-08-25 17:14:36 PID5b81725cbf2e1 admin L2 mailsms # enabled

But thats all. Nothing happens (no emails are fetched and send as SMS).
I then looked at the php source code, un-commented all the log-entries and watched the logfile. Nothing.
For me it seems like the script is never executed.

I re-read the install docu, but there is nothing mentiond about a CRON job I have to enable or so.

So what am I doing wrong? Why is email2sms never triggered?

Thank you!

To log for debug please set log level to 3 in config.php followed by playsmsd restart


Thank you, I set debug level to 3 and found out, my message format was wrong.
My problem is solved.

May I suggest, that if the email format is wrong (in my case I put the SMS text into subject instead of “username PIN SMS-Text”), that it does add a log entry in default log level.

Greetings and thank you!

Can you describe more steps for configuration because I have enabled L3 log level but nothing happen.