DB Error: not found playsms 1.4.5

I installed playsms on a centos 7 server with PHP 7.4. It installed fine, created the database, and all of my settings seem to be fine. I can log into the database using the same settings from teh config file (copied and pasted, and it is local host). But every time I try and connect to the from end, I get the error: DB Error: not found. I am using mariadb 10. there is no playsms log entry, but on my httpd error log I get the following:

PHP Notice: Undefined index: op in /var/www/html/playsms/web/init.php on line 160
PHP Notice: Undefined index: route in /var/www/html/playsms/web/init.php on line 161
PHP Notice: Undefined index: page in /var/www/html/playsms/web/init.php on line 162
PHP Notice: Undefined index: nav in /var/www/html/playsms/web/init.php on line 163
PHP Notice: Undefined index: cat in /var/www/html/playsms/web/init.php on line 164
Undefined index: plugin in /var/www/html/playsms/web/init.php on line 165
Undefined index: init in /var/www/html/playsms/web/init.php on line 168
Trying to access array offset on value of type null in /var/www/html/playsms/web/init.php on line 168
PHP Notice: Undefined index: X-CSRF-Token in /var/www/html/playsms/web/init.php on line 184
PHP Notice: Undefined variable: error_msg in /var/www/html/playsms/web/plugin/core/dba/fn.php on line 52

Would appreciate any suggestions on debugging this. All suggested and required modules for PHP are installed and my config file is using mysqli. Thank you

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