Bug in Select multi page SMS from Template

Hello my friends.
I found an bad behavior or bug from compose msg > Select SMS from template.
1, at the first I create a multi page SMS in message template
2, after that I open compose msg and insert phone number .
3, now without click anything in msg area I select multi page SMS from template and send it.
now sending SMS in this way calculate 1 page. :expressionless:
and playsms not calculate SMS pages!
how can I fix it.
thank you in advance,

I fixed it.
I change line 60 of /plugin/core/sendsms/sendsms.php
$sms_template = "<div id=msg_template><select name=smstemplate id=msg_template_select style='width: 100%' onClick=\"SetSmsTemplate(),SmsSetCounter()\" onchange=\"SmsSet$