Limit of sending sms

Hi Anton ,

In playsms i am sedning bulk sms from csv file . It is not importing total numbers . Is there any method to send bulk sms by copy paste to compose menu . Beacuse i have a list of 10k numbers but when i begin to upload its show only 1400 numbers . I have checked the number is quite ok . I have also another pannel of diffeent vendor on that pannel i just copy paste number from excel to compose menu its hsows all number

many things can go wrong, for instance your server resources ran out.


Thanks Anton for reply . Is there any way that can i copy and paste number from text file to compose sms input field and type message .click on send . Mobile numbers limit will be 1 lakh to 10 lakh .
if not how i can develope simple bulk sms send option . Please guide me