Asterisk+dongle_chan as gateway for Playsms!

I started to develop Asterisk gateway for PlaySms.
I plan to make it for free (not commercial) .

My configuration is PlaySms of November, 2016, git version using Kannel as one of gate, second one is Asterisk 13.12 with chan_dongle from and 2 USB modems: Huawei E367 for Asterisk and Zte MF180 for Kannel.
As Asterisk has exclusive access to the modem I had been compelled to start developing of Asterisk PlaySms gate.
All are acting on Ubuntu 14.04 x64.

Asterisk+chan_dongle+Playsms are allow now to receive standalone sms successfully, except long one.
It is due to chan_dongle missing correct handling of log sms.
It is reached of Asterisk dial plan.

Now I have alpha version of Asterisk gate for PlaySms which send sms via Asterisk successfully as well even of cyrrilic letters and using some prefix, because Asterisk is second gate, if number is 21+7… sms is sent via Kannel, if 99+7… sms is gone out via Asterisk.
I made so using AMI of Asterisk.

Some functionaly is necessary to implement at the time:

  • correct sending long sms, that is, if there are more then 1 sms, conversation to PDU is necessary, as I understand;
  • handling DLR, got from Asterisk (but as I saw Asterisk dpn’ t get DLR if it send sms out successfully or not) .

Who does want to join to develop ?

I recently finished to make prototype of Asterisk Pbx plugin, which would allow to send Sms via Asterisk using 3G dongle connected to and set up at Asterisk.

But I don’ t understand at the time where is “Entry point” and how is to forward control to the Plugin after “Send” button.

Could someone build it to PlaySms 1.4.2 ?

If someone are ready, write me to my e-mail, I will send tar with prototype of the plugin.
It interacts with Asterisk by AMI.
Now there is Web UI par where necessary settings are stored - host address, host port, username/password, device name.
Also there are functions to correct connection to Asterisk, send sms using specified device and disconnect represented appropriate Php functions.

Also DLR returning additionally developing ims necessary also.