Admin password reset

i am using Playsms 1.2 and tried logging in today and admin password don’t work reset it but the reset password send to my email don’t work either is there anyway to reset password from terminal using Ubuntu 14.4

From Linux console, try to run this:

echo "UPDATE playsms_tblUser SET password='21232f297a57a5a743894a0e4a801fc3' WHERE uid='1'" | mysql -uroot -p playsms

Assumed your playSMS database name is playsms and the database user is root, and you know the database password

After that the admin password should changed to admin

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Hi, this is not working with playsms 1.3

I’ve try it and it do not work, could you help me to reset admin password on playSMS 1.3 .
what about this info. I’m affraid


it will work, because you set on database level the password to default. you can even try to empty the password in the database and login with an empty password (not sure if this will work).

Does this work in 1.3.1
I seemed to have locked myself out and cannot get in when I look in the registry and use the recovery I see a line in there
" 1459933687 | 1859 | 1 | auth | tmp_password | admin | 658ca73d3ce60a4dd6dd49a8b9627517 "
I assume this is for the temporary password but this also does not work.
Is there a work around this to get me back in ?

Sorry it was the firewall blocking the login , logged in via a proxy then deleted the offending entry via manage firewall.

you could remove firewall entries via db as well i guess.