[solved] I have installed playsms fresh and i am Fail to add credit

i have installed playsms 1.4 in ubuntu server 16.0.4
in virtual box
all the things where fine but i can’t add credit

Can you explain more about that, what did you do, what menu, what error you saw etc…


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i can’t add credit to admin in manage credit option in setings.

is your playSMS an upgrade or fresh install ?


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on Ubuntu server 16 running in virtual box on windows 7.

can i manully add credit to admin using phpmyadmin? i am new to playsms . please help me?

ok, that is odd as I also installed fresh and not getting that error

can you paste the log ? search how to set loglevel to 3 on config.php before saving the log


thanks for your reply. I created a new server and installed playsms on it. that fixed my problem. thank you so much for outstanding software.

Hello Guys , Same issue here how ,How can i solve this issue , i tried fresh install no luck

Hello friends,

I’m also same i just tried with 1.4 with cent OS7.2, credit can’t added

The same, can’t add credit to admin and other users. Fresh install of Ubuntu 16.04, php7, gammu, playsms1.4. Please help.

Hi Web Voice,

What did you do fix the issue?

Thank you.

anton thanks for answering the OP’s question as i had the same issues and i was searching for answers. i’m currently sitting home doing nothing but searching for rx coupons because of my health issues and lack of money. but in the meantime i decided to learn a bit so thanks everyone else for answering. I haven’t tried your method but I will, would you mind if i’m going to have other questions in case it doesn’t work?

I have the same issue, and i got this message from log: 2017-10-05 19:43:42 PID59d6613e291fe admin L3 credit_add # fail to save parent_uid: uid:2 username:adham amount:10

It looks like some database inconsistency. I anyone can give me access to your playSMS install, I can test, debug and, possibly solve.

It is a issue with the version of MySQL that installs on Ubuntu 16.04
I had to change one of the tables from INT to VARCHAR this allows to add credit but then it breaks something else along the line.
Quoting from a post I found online: “parent_uid colum by changing the type (from int to string or varchar) and to accept empty string (NULL checkbox checked) or using 0 as default value”

Before doing that you could try:
Try modifying mysqld.cnf (I would suggest making a backup of the file first)
nano -w /etc/mysql/mysql.conf.d/mysqld.cnf

and add below to the end of the file:


This issue has been fixed in recent commit