[Solved]Get rid of /playsms from website name?

get we get rid of /playsms from website name?

you can change it in the configuration. I have nothing left with playSMS (except the “sponsor” message at the bottom, where i refer to playSMS).
or did i misunderstood you?

i meant it shud nt b a reqt to enter www.mydomain.com/playsms while accesing the site…
i want to only write www.mydomain.com and access playsms?
btw i m a newbie…

that is done in your webserver configuration (virtual host or whatever you have configured there; document root set to …/playsms ad it is done).

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also lot of css style have playsms
like play-icon etc and it will effect on all themes
should i edit them in plugin/themes/common etc