Smstools with custom folder structure

i am using playsms with smstools. in general it works, but the sms status isn’t shown correctly in playsms. seems to depend on my smstools-sfolder-structure.
as i only have permissions on dedicated folders, everything is installed below /opt (that makes it even easier to navigate through the folders):


smstools is sending sms correctly that it gets through playsms:
files are stored in
/opt/smstools/data/outgoing by playsms, smstools handles them by moving them to
/opt/smstools/data/checked - when successfully sent they are moved to
/opt/smstools/data/sent - otherwise moved to

file in sent or failed or processed by a job i created to gather some statistics (there are further channels to send sms through smstools, like direct email to smstools ignoring playsms).

is there a way to configure playsms that it checks for successfully sent sms in those folders?

no ideas at all? it is really necessary to have the correct status because credit system will not work otherwise.