Safe way to export users from one playSMS installation to another


I’ve done a fresh new installation of playSMS and would like to export users from an old one in the new install. Can anyone help ?



I think this would be quite easy, or am i getting the question wrong…
You want to add users to your new installation along with their details and past message history right?

Got to your database installation and click on playsms database
–> click on the db and export it…

at the new installation create the db playsms and click on the db -->
now click import the file and
i believe this should solve your problem.?

if yes then mark the issue as solved.
thanks you

@akay I forgot to tell you that the two installations are not the same version. The new one is more recent than the old one. That’s why I’m asking the safe way to export users, but I should mention from older installation to a newer one.

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Ohh ok…is it then…
I think you should first compare the table structure in both versions… in respect of users…
Or more so …just compare full db structure

If thats same then use the method as suggested…
Also if there are differences in structure.of db…thwn only export same structure tables…and import at new installation

Do you mind telling versions of both of your installations…??..

i guess you have to import to the same version and upgrade table structure afterwards via the scripts delivered by playsms. or di everything in there manually with your data. i think some elementary things have changed (like password algorithm etc.) between some version.