pt_BR translation missing parts?

HI guys,

Is the pt_BR language pack missing some parts? Take a look here:

Half of them are translated and the another one not…

I checked the .PO files from the main language and compared to pt_BR .PO file and looks like everything is there (at least all lines).

How can I translate the entire site?


Anyone here? :frowning:

@anton can you help me here?

How can I translate the entire site?


I have the same problem with the Spanish translation. I have been looking at the messages.po file in the Spanish translation and is very old and it is incomplete. How can I translate the whole site. I am willing to do the job and share it with the community but I need to now how to compile and install a language pack. I follow the instruction in your with no positive results.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

Hi Lindolfo

Have you found the correct translation? Or have you completed the missing parts? I´m from Brasil too, and I´d like to get the complete translation. Could you share it with me? May I help you with something?

Thanks in advance,