PlaySMS version that supports non ubuntu


What version of PlaySMS that can work with CentOS.


What version of Playsms are you using. Remember that playsms is a website and some daemons running and they should not have any issue running on CentOS. What version are you using?. What version of CentOS are you using.

Send more information about your specific issue with compatibility with CentOS

I vaguely remember that in the old version there are daemons for windows and other linux OS.
But on the latest version it only have script for ubuntu.

I’m running on CentOS 6.7.

Playsms will install on centos very easy. No need to worry about centos ver. Give it a try.

I have not tested on CentOs but there is noting on the install script or the deamon that is specific to Ubuntu. If so probably just some path differences


it doesn’t create the playsmsd files when using the install script.

the script should work on any Linux, I don’t remember putting distro specific command inside (like apt-get)