playSMS Book Project

Introducing a new Free and Open Source project related to playSMS:

playSMS Book Project

The project is a book writing project for playSMS. The project will include information about how to install, configure and use playSMS. The project will also host several related open documents and other notes related to playSMS.

Treat the project just like a coding project, you can fork it and send me pull requests to contribute.



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Great! First of all, let me tell you I am loving this forum! Really easy to use, and its really clean!
Now about the book project, It’s a great idea, we really need an updated and complete documentation about this great software. I’ll try to contribute.
Best Regards,

Marvin M

Don’t worry about the format, just write it in Github Flavoured Markdown and pull request. I’ll clean it up for now :smile: