PlaySMS 1.4 = Unable to access Kannel admin commands (CentOS 7.3, Kannel 1.4.4, MariaDB 5.5.52)

CentOS 7.3 (liveCD GNOME x64), Kannel 1.4.4, PlaySMS 1.4, MariaDB Server 5.5.52

Sorry for my english.
Kannel is OK, i can send and receive SMS.

I can open PlaySMS (admin, admin) and manage SMSC (add and manage), but in :
“Manage gateway and SMSC” -> “Manage” (kannel) -> "operational"
i have “Kannel status = Unable to access Kannel admin commands” after a good pwd adm kannel, and save, and update.

Who have a idea?

I see nothing in Logs.


On/OFF selinux (on CentOS 7.3)