Play SMS with kannel and and one smpp

Dear Everyone,
I am a newbie can somebody guide me through setting up kannel and accessing it through playsms
My company has an smsc and smpp account
i don’t know how to setup kannel to send sms request to smpp
and how to setup kannel settings in playsms settings?

also if i have a username and password for that smpp
can somebody help me out in setting up kannel and playsms settings of kannel?

here is kannel installation:

this is how to configure SMPP in kannel:

this is how to configure playsms to use your kannel:


Thank you so much anton for the fast reply

i have one smsc from wavenet
and an esme account with me which is configured on smpp

the smsc is on on other server

now i have instlalled kannel and playsms on ubuntu 14.04

and playsms is openign through url

which of the files you shared here will be useful for me to configure.

I am facing problem at point 7 of this guide:

getting error No such file or directory

any leads?


Ensure that you have typed correctly including the prefix / at the beginning. Or depending on the Ubuntu version e.g. sudo service kannel start.

The other way to start kannel is to run:

bearerbox -v 1 /etc/kannel/kannel.conf
smsbox -v 1 /etc/kannel/kannel.conf

You can also edit the /etc/kannel/default and uncomment START_SMS = 1 to start at boot.