Message resend / forward display issue

Hi Anton.

I would like to tell you about an issue:

a user, when he enters in “Reports” -> “My sent messages” in message list, if the user selects a message to resent id or to forward it, in the window above the “Send” and “Cancel” buttons it should show the number of caracters and the messages count of that message, but initially it show 0 for both values, until user clicks anywhere on the text area of the message.

My next feature request somehow is linked to this issue…


This is the popup looks like after I click the Resend icon:

I’m using Chrome, seems to be working.

I checked it on my pc on Chrome, FF and Edge on Windows 10 Pro and on Chrome and FF on Centos 8, and also checked with one of my friend and it shows 0 chars and 0 sms when acces on resend or forward:

But when i click on the “Message” area the char count and sms count appears.

However after I read your reply, I stressed the app and I noticed that sometimes this information appears on first try (only on some messages), but in 9 cases out of 10 (or more than this) this does not happen.