How do you change the language of the service?

ah yes, wrong credit, sorry, I copy paste it from other language

I will take a look at those translation later


The updated language files with fixes and changes to the translation: playsms-language-nb_NO-backup.tar.gz (26.7 KB)


I am new here.
I can’t seem to access the file via the link antonraharja/playSMS/blob/master/documents/
I am still having trouble with the translations and was hoping this file could help me.

I have succeeded in installing the fr Pack in Debian but only the login page gets translated.

Thanks in advance for your help

Actually. I have just solved it. All I required was to put the user preferred language to french.

After updating to 1.1 I got a lot of untranslated messages.

My Account and Settings is partly translated menu-wise. Features and Reports is not translated at all.

Inside on the various menu and functions nothing is translated other than the title. (aka the string that’s fetched from the menu-button itself).

Is this happening to you as well or did something wrong happen when I updated to 1.1?

EDIT: on closer inspection I find some translated things here and there, one example being the import button where you select .csv file. A lot is missing though.

Is this an issue others have after updating to 1.1? Else it’s a sign that something is wrong on my end.


Can you fresh install 1.1 somewhere ? Or, re download 1.1 and just replace all files, no need to update db as you should’ve done that already.

Im on vacation so things abit slow this week.


need help too, I need to enable the es_VE language, can you help me?

me too, I need to enable the es_VE language