How do you change the language of the service?

One question regarding the translation, with the norwegian language pack I still have ‘Home’-button in english, where do I change this?

Another unrelated question: where can I edit the login-page? I wish to put in an image there instead of just text.


I forgot that translation, I just added it, please pull the latest, you’ll see updates:

  • some more texts to translate in: plugin/themes/common/language/
  • updated plugin/themes/common/fn.php

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Alright, it seems to be “Home” in the for example the danish translation as well though?

couldn’t catch that, can you re-phrase your question ?


At the top-menu in playSMS, you have a home button, which isn’t translated in the danish version either, so I’m wondering if it might be a misslink in the php or so that might not actually translate that button?

No, you need to get the latest changes that I just added (like my previous post before your replies).

You’ll see:

  • I just added plugin/themes/common/language/*, here you need to translate some more texts
  • I also updated plugin/themes/common/fn.php


Ok, I’ll get to it tomorrow, I’m at home now. I’ll reupload when I’ve done those translations. Just thought it mightve been something since it was shown as “Home” in the danish version as well. Guess the danish translater didnt translate that for some reason then.

you have not translated Home, because it wasn’t there, I just added it :smiley:

I already added Home translation as example in the master version (which I just added)


Cool, I’ll take the rest tomorrow, other that the only thing I need to pull from github is the fn.php file from plugin/themes/common/fn.php then?

Anyways, I’ll reupload the language files for you tomorrow with some corrections and the missing strings in that document.

You need to get these:


Ah, I understand, I thought you forgot to add one of the norwegian files, but you actually forgot to add all the translation-files for the plugin/themes/commong/language/* ? It makes more sense then, felt stupid for a bit there. (It’s 1AM now, I’ll blame that :smiley:)

yup, I did forgot all those files :slight_smile: so actually not just Home but a bunch of other texts too like Your credit, Logged in as, Logout…

alright, please translate some more texts and let me know update files so I can update it in repository, thanks.


Here you go:
playsms-language-nb_NO-backup.tar.gz (26.6 KB)

ok thanks, updated.

playsms-language-nb_NO-backup-full.tar.gz (60.0 KB)


Looked through all the menus, these problems also seem to be present in the danish translation, theyre not being translated it seems:


  • My feature messages
  • My sent messages
  • All inbox
  • List of credit transactions
  • All feature messages
  • All sent messages
  • Sandbox
  • SMS Queue


  • Incoming SMS: options still says yes and no
  • Manage stoplist
  • Manage firewall
  • Manage account:
  • The title + “table”/overview data is in english still, ‘Username’, etc.
  • Manage Sender ID: same as manage account
  • Manage subuser, same as manage account
  • Manage credit, same as manage account

My account:

  • Inbox: same as manage account
  • Phonebook: same as manage account

ok, fixed.

get new plugin/themes/common/fn.php from github



Doing some extensive translation-checking aye? :smile:

nope. the bug was caused by recent changes to common/fn.php :smile:

you did lots of translation, and now your translation works. that is good news, looks like nb_NO is the most complete :smiley:


Cool, glad to hear! :slight_smile:

Ok, I’ve noticed some english in the translation and I’m wondering whether or not it’s something I’ve missed, or something you might’ve missed on your end?

  • All ‘Add’-functions under ‘My account’ still says ‘Back’ instead of ‘Tilbake’
  • My account - inbox - ‘Search’ instead of ‘Søk’
  • Route Incoming SMS - no/yes instead of nei/ja
  • Functions: all ‘Back’ buttons are not translated to ‘Tilbake’

Other than that I’m doing some changes to the translation as I’ve found some more fitting words, I’ll probably have it ready by the end of the day.

EDIT: the ‘Search’-problem is happening multiple places, is this based on the browser language or? Doesnt seem to be the case.

EDIT2: also ‘Save’ is instead of ‘Lagre’ in some places, for example at mail to sms.

Could you also please give me credit for the translation under Manage Plugins?