Error while trying to use Twilio gateway

Right now Im using playsms with nexmo, but there is a problem with deliverability. Sometimes 90% out of 5000 messages are delivered, and sometimes only first 50. Nexmo’s support said that its due to content, that carrier is blocking. Maybe they are right, but then again after few days few thousend messages are delivered with no problem. So with nexmo its like gambling, thats why I want to switch to twilio.
I already have an ACCOUNT SID and AUTH TOKEN. But it seems that twilio changes their API url to

Im not a programmer, but I need this message sending service for my company, so my request/question is could you:

  1. Explain to me step by step how to get it work playsms with twilio.
  2. How to lower the throughput to send 1 message per 3 seconds?
  3. Also is it possible to send messages in batches? for example to send 30 message at one time and after 20 seconds next 30 messages?

Im using the old version of playsms, I think 0.9

thank you in advance