Creating a new Developer Forum

Dear Anton,

My Name is Stephen Ocaya, from Stephocay Limited (an upcoming software and consultancy company here in Uganda) focusing on Open Source Software and custom software.

First, thanks for the very good work towards PlaySMS. I have recently joined the forum and installed and liked PlaySMS. Likewise, I have seen potential of playSMS becoming even more user friendly than before. I have seen a couple of questions regarding changing the layout of playSMS and a few gurus including me are willing to make that happen.

could we start a developer forum where the upcoming developers brainstorm together to ensure that the desired features are implemented.

I am very much interested in supporting the UI Layout of PlaySMS probably for the next version (release) and also add some features like Adding Payment Gateway including Mobile Money Payments and Online Payment gateways e.g. skrill, paypal, etc. so that users can buy credits directly via playSMS.

Looking forward to working with you and the rest on this.