Create user and restrict sending SMS

Hello to Everyone,

Would like to ask if there a way to create a user on the playsms portal and restrict that user from sending out. the user can just check that are SMS sent.


As far I know, each user only sees their messages (incoming/Outgoing).
In my exprience, i’ve tried also to create another user, and he can’t “see” anything from what i’m sending or receiving!

You can block an user from sending SMS, setting SMS credits to 0 and he wouldn’t send any. But it will allow him/her to see incoming messages, forwarded to his/her account!

But i’ll try your point of view, and will give an feedback.


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Thanks @ruijorgesilva11 i’ll be waiting for your feedback.
The scenario here is that I want to grant a second account for the audit department in a bank to check outgoing SMS records generated by their Core banking, and of course, I’d like to rescript that second from sending out SMS.