Cant do a search from the phonebook

First of All congratulations for the amazing work so far.

I have been testing the system for a while now and i have ran into a couple of problems one of them is that i cant search contacts from inside the phobook tab but i can perfectly do it from “COMPUSE A MESSAGE”. Maybe i just cant see whats wrong with it. Can i have some help solving this issue?

Hi All,

I also have issues searching in phonebook: all searches return all records.

Have tested search function in sent message report and it works fine.

PlaySMS 1.4
phonebook Phonebook 1.1 Anton Raharja 2013-04-17

yes, theres issue on that, and fixed in master version (that will be in 1.5)


Hi, As I can see on PlaySMS homepage, the versione 1.5 was never released.
I have the same issue (can’t search in phonebook).

Is there any way to fix it? I have thousands of numbers in my phonebook and I need to delete it searching by groupcode.

Thank you

No, i’ve installed master version and i can ensure it is not fixed.

Greetz Tom

Found this thread:

Maybe it is the solution for our search problems.

This issue has been fixed in recent commits, that is to revert to original codes on phonebook.php


So now I can use the “offcial” phonebook.php file and the search will work?

you use 1.4 ? you can try replacing phonebook.php with the version on github