Can I connect third party gateways?

The task is as follows: Can I connect a third-party gateway, for example, a gateway of mobile operators?
In the future, we want to connect the gateways of mobile operators and wanted to ask how you can customize the current list of gateways for integration with a mobile operator?
And what about in such cases?
Since at the moment, I have no idea what their API looks like and what values it will accept after integration with a mobile operator. Perhaps you can create a gateway something like “Custom”, so that at such moments you can send them customly (url, login, password, alpha name, etc.)

Yours faithfully,
Jamshid Tursunov

If you can ask them to provide you SMPP then you can use Kannel or Jasmin.

playSMS --- Kannel/Jasmin --- providers with SMPP server

Other alternative without custom is using gateway Generic.


Understood Anton, thank you very much.

Yours faithfully,
Jamshid Tursunov

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