Assistance Installing play sms in Ubuntu 20.04

Please assist me am not sure where im missing it have been trying the installation for a couple of times in my ubuntu server. please help me through. +26876291953 this my whatsapp. I will try say thank you with something.

Have you follow the steps accordingly as in

Perhaps you should highlight what issues are you facing so that we can try to assist where possible,


Reminder that 1.4.3 is also have a security bug too, so you need to replace 1.4.3 with 1.4.5, same manual, just replace 1.4.3 with 1.4.5 should be good.


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Iā€™m using playsms 1.3.5 version.
I can not upgrade to 1.4.5 because I have some change and modify to playsms core.
Where is security change and which file most be replace for fix security bug ?
Thank you.

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