API WebServices Message Lenght

i want to know if there is a limit on message using webserices api.
In the received message i count 450 char. Also in the database the message is troucated.

May you help me?

Greetings from Italy.


Whats the length in database?

In the DB the text is also truncated at 450 chars.
What can be?

Oh you’re sending more than 450 via playSMS webservices? Can you explain your question.

Default limit is 3 SMS, in main configuration. 3 SMS should be exactly 3*160=480 chars

Oh, what an oversight!

Thank you for you replies.

Other question: I was unable to configure the automatic startup of playsmsd.

I am using Ubuntu.

What could I have done wrong?
I’m a new Ubuntu user and let’s say I still can’t manage these dynamics well.

Thanks for your patience and congratulations on your wonderful system.

I would just put playsmsd start in crontab instead, per minute for example, it will check if all playsms is running and if not it will start them up

as for gammu smsd in rc.local should be good