[Solved] HA mode for playsms

HA (High Availability) mode for playsms so that uptime of web server for user increases.


we are planning a master-master replication for db part and two different web-servers for high availability mode.
but we are not able to decide whether to keep the playsmsd service running at one end or both.
since we are not sure whether a single message from one webserver will be submitted twice?

suggestions are welcome

HA usually means redundancy, master on and slave off, master replicating data to slave in realtime

Do you meant redundancy or load balancing ?


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Our config

web server one: playsms+mysql
web server two : playsms+mysql
common kannel for both

We mean redundancy, if master web server fails
slave should come up automatically without manual intervention

confusion is limited to keeping playsmsd service running at both webservers or only which is serving to users.

will replication not look for playsmsd service to submit sms to kannel?

I probably use something like drbd and heartbeat


Oh ok… thanks for guiding …

i’ll see how i can run playsmsd at both ends and then keep a heartbeat on them along with master -master replication db.


I think that playsmsd on second server should be turned off, being turned on only if first server fails, no?

yeah right.
thats what my initial plan was, but since anton told about heatbeat i might explore that.
what you say?

using drbd and heartbeat was meant for master-slave, redundancy

master transfering data ====> slave receives copies in realtime

master and slave shared data via drbd. when master off, slave will take over thanks to heartbeat.

when slave taking over all services up, with the same data as the master copied to.


Thanks a ton for taking out time to explain.

Good morning, I’m writing you all after reading this interesting post.
I build a configuration based on two twin server with mysql master to master replication and kannel+playsms services up for both.
The main reason is why if go down on server the other server can work without service interruption and the secondary reason is for balancing the workload.
The solution seems work well but sometimes an sms is sent twice. How can I avoid this behavior?
Thanks in advance

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