Playsms 1.3.1 dosn't show up SMS in SMS Queue

I have fresh installation of playsms 1.3.1.When I send from a file(1000 recepients), log says it was added to the queue,but I can’t see anything in under “View SMS queue”.The sms scheduled (from sms compose screen) also not added to the queue,but It executes on sceduled time without any delay.

can anyone figure out my problem?

Eventhough it didnt display in “View SMS queue”



Can you test again, simpler, with just 1 SMS and playsmsd stop (stop running the playsmsd script, to stop it run: playsmsd stop )

After you press the send button check the View SMS queue. Let us know, thanks.


When I stop Playsmsd can see the sms on a queue as well as scheduled one and when start playsmsd the single sms, scheduled sms is removed from the list.But the scheduled sms will send as per the schedule eventhough its not visible in “View SMS queue”


So there is no way to remove the queue in GUI.

not, last time I know it should be in view queue

ok try again, this time:

  1. stop playsmsd
  2. send a scheduled SMS, say its scheduled for next week
  3. view SMS queue
  4. start again playsmsd

let us know


I scheduled SMS for next week after stopping the playsmsd,it can see from the “view SMS queue”.
when I start playsmsd the queued SMS in “view SMS” has gone.

I scheduled the SMS from compose screen.


But the next week sms after its gone from the queue was not delivered immediately right? Meaning the schedule might work.


Schedule work on sharp time.The problem is the queue is not visible under “View SMS queue”.


This one is a bug, and I just fixed it:

here is the solution:


Its working perfectly.Thanks very much for your invaluable support and commitment. :smile:


Was this only a view problem but the schedule was working perfectly , do I need to patch ?

Yeah It was a view problem.Queue run in background perfectly.This happened inbv 1.3.1.