LAN SMPP / Playsms + Kannel

Hello, thank you for the work done on playsms.
I am French, so my english laguage is not fluente.

My installation

  • ubuntu 20.04
  • Kannel
  • playsms 1.4.5
  • LAN connexion with local provider : they installed a “special link” connected directly to their central network. So I have a modem connected to my computer with an Ethernet USB adaptater.

Provider information
Brand server

I used a exemple2 of kannel.conf ( [howto] Testing playSMS with Kannel )
In playsms I have the message : (setting/manage gateway and SMSC/operationnal)
SMSC connections : “re-connecting”

Kannel can’t make a connection to the smpp link of my provider.

Could you help me please?

Thanks you,

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